The Behavior Minder® enables you to do three things:

See how another person sees you behaving when you are dealing with them—their impression of you.

Compare this with how you see yourself behaving with this person—your impression of yourself.

Identify specific actions to further strengthen the relationship—to extend its
win-win range and potential.

More About The Behavior Minder®

The Behavior Minder® has been used by thousands of people in numerous countries over several decades. Originally a paper-based survey used exclusively in conjunction with training programs, we have redesigned and re-launched The Behavior Minder® as a stand-alone online tool. It can be used during and after a Temenos workshop, during coaching or counseling sessions, or independently between two individuals as a one-time experience.

For organizations seeking to equip leaders, empower teams and transform culture, The Behavior Minder® is the ideal enterprise tool to strengthen the relational fabric of the organization and maximize engagement.

Managers who use TBM are empowered with information that helps them have the ongoing critical and constructive one-on-one conversations needed to improve performance, adapt to dynamic conditions, and improve engagement.

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